Contagion: A Major New Study Targets Transit as Distribution Point for Germ Transport

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Passenger Transport

21st Century Hygiene

Dr. Charles Gerba

Dr. Gerba’s research is providing a much better understanding of how we transfer, contract and spread disease.
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Father and Daughter Girl in Cart X out Bus Riders Nursing Home



Reactive hygiene vs. Proactive hygiene

As they say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, not cliché, but true. It is a well-known fact that hygiene has saved millions of more lives than antibiotics… Clean water, waste management and better cleaning practices fueled by a better understanding of how and what makes us sick, has over the years molded our daily practices and hygienic habits. If we don’t get sick we don’t have to cure it, “prevention”.

Reactive Hygiene – Cleaning germs off surfaces

We react by cleaning what we see as dirty. Reactively, we set cleaning schedules monthly, weekly daily, but no matter how often we clean, the surfaces within our homes, schools, offices, transportation vehicles and healthcare facilities only remain clean until the next person touches them and spreads infection. The cleaning products you are using offer no residual benefit. They clean and are gone into the air or in our water…

Proactive Hygiene – Protecting surfaces from germs

GERMMAXTM is clean 2.0 – a long-lasting, non-visible, self-cleaning surface coating for most any surface. Professionally applied GERMMAXTM coatings keep surfaces safe from germs for months!


GERMMAXTM ‘s Patent Pending formulations eliminate germs from surfaces as they are deposited and works 24/7 to reduce the transfer of infection on surfaces and lasts for months.

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